The Chesapeake Life Center team is grateful for the thoughtfulness and financial support of individuals and organizations that allow us to continue our mission and programs to support those grieving in our community.


Every gift made in memory of a loved one to Chesapeake Life Center makes a difference by ensuring that we are able to continue offering a variety of support services and education to individuals in places of transition resulting from the death of a loved one, an unexpected diagnosis or an unanticipated event. In addition, it is a beautiful testimonial to the loved one’s life and a special way to pay tribute to those who are dear to you. Memorials of cash, stock or a planned gift may be given as a “one time” gift or as a pledge paid monthly, quarterly or annually.  Please make sure to give us the names and contact information of friends and loved ones as we will send a special card recognizing your generosity. 

Community Fundraising Events

Chesapeake Life Center is pleased to be the recipient of monies raised by generous members of the community hosting benefit events. For ideas about benefit events you can host, please contact the philanthropy department.

The Hospice Hundred, a group of young philanthropists dedicated to bettering the lives of grieving children and children living with a life-limiting illness, annually holds a successful fashion show called Fashion for A Cause.  In 2012, this event raised nearly $50,000 for our Chesapeake Kids program.  This money was raised by ticket sales, sponsorships and a silent auction with costs covered by local businesses making in-kind donations

Not all community events raise this amount of money.  We are most grateful for any donation amount from any community event.  In the spring of 2012, a grateful family held a memorial walk in memory of their son on the anniversary of his first birthday.   Our team had the privilege to participate in this event, and the family graciously appointed our perinatal program as the recipient of donations made in their son’s memory.

Grants and Sponsorships

Financial support from individual contributions, companies and foundations may be given to our general mission or be specified for a particular program.  Our hallmark Camp Nabi program would not exist without the financial support of grants from charitable foundations and company contributions.  Our team continues to dream of new program development to meet the needs of the community, such as designing programs and trainings to support the schools and community following a teen suicide.  In order to sustain these programs we will need increased grant and sponsorship support.  In return, our business partners receive brand visibility and marketing opportunities year round or at a specific event.

hatchickphilanthropyIn-kind donations

What a beautiful gift to be able to use the talents and resources that exists within this community. For example, one of our perinatal mothers knits hats and blankets for other infants born with a life-limiting prognosis. Another significant contribution is given by photographer, Jason Putsche who photographs the entire Camp Nabi and Phoenix Rising experience culminating in a stunning and meaningful slide show.  Many of the pictures displayed on this website were photographed and donated by Jason Putsche Photography and Swan Images.  We are grateful for all in-kind gifts. 

Please contact the Philanthropy Department at 443.837.1500 to discuss your interests and also answer any of your questions.  If you would like to make an on-line donation, Click Here.

Thank you for considering a gift to Chesapeake Life Center.